Recorded with Samvada


The controls in Samvada are designed to be intuitive to use. Generally, if something is blue or looks like a button you can tap on it, and it will do something.

Samvada uses Indian classical music names for notes - swara - and ragas.

Samvada is now Audiobus compatible. When Samvada is connected to Audiobus as an effect or output, the mic button in Samvada controls the Audiobus input. A file of the default tunings from Samvada, which can be imported into the Audiobus-enabled app ThumbJam, may be found here.

Samvada has extra settings — for CPU performance, and recording to a file directly. These settings may be found within the main iOS Settings app, under "Samvada".



If you have would like to share your tunings for Samvada, or any recordings you have made using the app - or have any other questions or comments - please email me

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